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06 Mar 2017

Advertising, Digital, Data & Insight, Tagging, Analytics, Reporting

Tagging - A Beginner's Guide

Our Digital Marketing Analyst Zabi Mohebzadeh gives us a basic lesson in the whys, hows and wheres of tagging your marketing campaigns.

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27 Feb 2017

Advertising, Social, Staff Recruitment, Talent, Hiring

Should You Hire A Candidate Without a LinkedIn Profile?

Your potential employees may have no visible social media presence. Maybe they don't use it at all, or maybe they only use 'dark social'. Our Digital Operations Manager Ruth Hancock reminds us that we shouldn't make assumptions about candidates from a lack of online profile and that sometimes we have to use other routes to reach talent.

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15 Feb 2017

Advertising, Social, Campaigns, Digital

Brands Get Snappy

Advertising on Snapchat finally became available to UK brands last month. As the most popular social media site amongst youth audiences, it rivals Facebook for daily video user engagement and reports over 100 million daily active users. So how do you approach your first Snapchat campaign? Our Channel Strategist explains.

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