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15 Feb 2017

Advertising, Social, Campaigns, Digital

Brands Get Snappy

Advertising on Snapchat finally became available to UK brands last month. As the most popular social media site amongst youth audiences, it rivals Facebook for daily video user engagement and reports over 100 million daily active users. So how do you approach your first Snapchat campaign? Our Channel Strategist explains.

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23 Jan 2017

HR, Employer Brand, Glassdoor, Staff Recruitment

Smashing the Glassdoor

Your University's review on might make the difference between a candidate accepting your job offer or going elsewhere. So how can you ensure your Glassdoor reputation is a good reflection of you as an employer and how can you make the most of your Glassdoor profile? Our social media editor Berry Baker explains all.

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16 Jan 2017

Marketing, Advertising, Student Recruitment

Planning an Award-Winning Campaign for Northampton College

In 2016, our client Northampton College celebrated gold after scooping the top digital and social media award for their 'Life Changing' campaign in the FE First Awards. But what's it like to plan and deliver such a campaign? Penna's Client Delivery Manager for the College, Ariana Fisher, tells her side of the story.

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