Digital transformation within housing


14 Sep 2017

Housing, Digital, Transformation

Digital transformation within housing

An interesting question posted on Twitter by CIH Futures a few days ago ‘Why is UK Housing so bad at implementing digital transformation projects? How can we get better at doing the digital basics?’

A great question and a topic that has been batted around for quite some time, however I am not sure it is a question with a straight forward answer with so many different sized housing associations with different needs for their customers. There will never be a ‘one size fits all’ solution.

It is safe to say that there are some Housing Associations that are leading the way with these types of projects. At the CIH Conference back in June, Nick Atkin, CEO of Halton Housing, gave a great talk on how the use of digital has transformed their organisation for the better. Nick has a clear passion for transforming housing by using digital. Just one of the housing associations we can look at for guidance.

Here at Penna we have seen a number of Local Authorities really trying to get digital transformation projects underway, however trying to find the talent that has the experience of doing these projects previously within similar organisations, wasn’t easy. I think this is a similar issue within Housing Associations but, the interims with the relevant experience have a passion for it and want to help organisations across Local Authorities and Housing Associations. The talent is there, it is just knowing where to look and that is where Penna excel, partnering with organisations to help them find the right talent for their needs.

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Ruth Lane - Consultant, Housing & Local Government, Executive Interim