Our session at the CIPFA Northern Ireland Conference


27 Nov 2017

Our session at the CIPFA Northern Ireland Conference

Our goal at CIPFA Penna is to add to the public debate on topical issues and provide thought leadership to the sector more broadly. We contribute primarily by writing articles and holding events but wanted to share more visual content and engage with audiences in a fresh way. As an organisation we liaise with key figures in the world of public finance on a daily basis, so we developed a series of ‘talking head’ videos.

We first showcased a specially edited version of these videos at the CIPFA Northern Ireland conference. The video focused on topics ranging from challenges they’ve faced; to how they’ve managed their career; through to what they feel the finance director role will look like in 5 years. A second video tailored specifically on ‘career management’ – highlighted essential areas which students should consider as they take steps to become qualified and further in the future as they look to gain promotion.

These ‘talking heads’ allowed the students to gain an appreciation of the skills required to progress, and understand what it takes to be successful in today’s environment. At the end we had a lively and thoughtful discussion. We received positive feedback from all the students in attendance, along with thanks from CIPFA.

Please click below to view the individual videos: