Ruth Lane writes for the MJ Magazine on Social Housing


25 Jun 2018

MJ Private View article on the Social Housing Sector

The Social Housing Sector is growing. Both in terms of demand for its housing provision but also for careers.

With increased demand for strategic solutions, rising levels of tenant engagement, legislation and compliance, repairs and maintenance, service reviews and the  many organisational challenges emerging from organic and acquisition/merger in the sector, it’s perhaps not surprising that the sector is experiencing more interest from candidates seeking new careers.

Housing Associations and particularly those focusing on social housing are fast becoming attractive places to work for the younger generation (refer to my previous article about HA’s being an employer of choice), with their mission and purpose appealing significantly to the values based millennial.

But the sector is also creating increased interest for experienced interims who see the opportunity to do some serious change work and make a difference for tenants and the community.  The growing interest in the sector is however being matched by the increase in opportunities as both central and local government grow their strategic and operational demands for housing talent; and therefore we’re starting to see shortages emerge and salaries increasing. Creating a clear employer brand proposition is therefore essential in order that organisations in the sector can be differentiated. Brand becomes key as the housing supply chain across the public and private sector grows.

Working across the sector on transformation, attraction, employer value proposition and executive resourcing we see this as a sector of positive growth – for those who receive the homes so sorely needed and those seeking an interesting and rewarding career.

 Ruth Lane is a consultant at Penna  -