Highlights from Peer into the Future - Module 5


01 Mar 2018

Executive Search

Peer into the Future - Module 5 highlights

Our February 2018 module highlighted what commercialism really means in the public sector.  

Are the myths right that there is a real difference in our practices and ways we operate?

Lee Witham HR Director at Westminster City Council contrasted and compared how he operates in his Council compared to his private sector experience with BT. Being the Chair of a school governing body really got Lee thinking about operating where the outcomes really do impact on the local community.

Carolyn Moore, Director of HR and Corporate Services at FutureCitiesCatapult, got us all thinking about the future Labour market, the skills that will be needed and the impact of the gig economy and smart cities.

We are delighted that Carolyn is going to further share her experience and insight at the PPMA seminar in Newcastle in April where she will be presenting at one of the sessions.

Trevor Holden, CEO Luton Council which owns the local airport presented on the Luton Investment strategy. He challenged our thinking around attracting future talent and retaining them.

Joe Guy from Carillion also gave a pit stop tour of some of his key assignments which was really interesting from a customer perspective.

Thanks to all of the speakers who generously gave their time to support our Peers!

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Yvonne Skingle is a Director at Penna  - yvonne.skingle@penna.com