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29 Jan 2019

UCAS Media Masterclass – January 2019

UCAS Media are running their usual series of masterclass events for those of us working in marketing, recruitment or admissions. They are a great opportunity to get insights into undergraduate market trends. Below are some of our reflections from the session we attended:

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21 Jan 2019

Outdoor advertising - a perfect yin to a digital yang?

I have always pondered over how much power the out of home advertising on the tube had. My escalator ride and a couple of minute wait for a train could easily result in a cinema visit or a show booked later that evening. I can never quite resist the big format...

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17 Jan 2019

Clearing 2019 - what has 2018 taught us?

2018 delivered a record number of students being accepted through Clearing. With the number of applications from 18 year olds in the UK in decline, the competition has been fiercer than ever. With 6 of the 24 Russell Group universities having entered Clearing 2018, students have more choice and...

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