Choosing the right student/alumni to be your influencer


16 Apr 2018

Choosing the right student/alumni to be your influencer

How to choose the right student/alumni to be your influencer

Youth Marketing Strategy (YMS) held their 8th annual event in London on 21st and 22nd March.

Across the two days they covered a number of topics and held student panels exploring youth trends in the market and how brands can engage with millennials within higher education. 

One of the key themes that stood out was Influencer Marketing. Millennials can see through advertising and when something is paid for. It’s becoming increasingly important to be authentic and they are much more receptive to messages coming from their peers. 

Using influencers should be an essential part of your marketing mix. They have a huge reach, with great customer interaction and are cheaper to use.  

There are 35 million influencers globally with an average of 10,000 followers and this continues to grow. BUT this doesn’t mean that just anyone should represent you.

One common misconception is that the bigger the following, the better - but this isn’t necessarily the case.

Here are 3 key things to consider when identifying the right influencer for your brand

 - Audience demographics - Check your target audience are following the influencer in question

 - Audience credibility - Ensure that the followers are genuine 

 - Engagement ratio  - It’s important that the followers are engaging with the content. Engagement is relative to audience size

Once you have chosen your influencer(s), make sure that followers are aware that any content pushed out is shown as sponsored.

Samina Choudhury is a client partner at Penna.