Let's get festive


05 Dec 2018

Let's get festive

Year on year we see more Christmas adverts, and more money being spent on Christmas adverts. Marketing teams are growing their focus on the opportunity that comes with marketing their brand during the festive season.Organisations are now not wanting to miss out on the trend, they don’t want to be left behind. John Lewis are famously known for their highly anticipated Christmas ad every year, but now they are being rivalled by many other big commercial names.

We are now at a stage where the Christmas advert season is so highly anticipated by the public. The 2017 festive period saw almost £6bn spent on Christmas advertising, with that value set to increase further for 2018. There is such popularity within the commercial sector for Christmas advertising, so why is the Higher Education sector not adapting and going with the festive trends?

The education sector seems to get left behind with many trends; notably the holiday season being one of them. If commercial organisations are reactive to the holiday seasons to attract customers, then why don’t Universities take advantage of the opportunity that the festive season brings. It is a chance for a University to show their personality. It is a chance to connect with their target audience and show that they are in touch with things other than just University life.

Keele University are a great example of how to use the festive season to show their University’s character and personality, as they have been producing a Christmas advert to rival John Lewis for the past years (check out the links below). They demonstrate their character and that they are relatable to different trends and seasons. We need to see more Universities follow this festive spirit.

In the past week we have seen a Christmas advert created by filmmaker, Phil Beastall, that many claims to have ‘blown every John Lewis advert out of the water’. This advert cost just £50. We’re not suggesting that every University should start producing a Christmas advert every year, however there is certainly room to become more festive with University marketing and communications during the festive months. Christmas brings excitement, whether it is adverts, songs, gifts or the weather- so it makes sense to use this to excite potential students.

Christmas is such a loved time of year by so many. It provides the perfect chance to differentiate within the HE market, and show your character to potential applicants. Whether this is through targeted advertisement or produced organically on social media, there is an opportunity to be grasped.  Now is the time for Higher Education to take a leap of faith and join the commercial sector and become more festive.





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