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28 Jun 2018

The employer brand is a priority

Local government whilst achieving great outcomes with less funding, continues to have it hard. Ongoing negative perceptions of the sector, relentless cuts driven by central government and daily – some heart wrenching - media headlines are taking their toll on the sector’s ability to recruit best talent

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27 Jun 2018

Leadership qualities needed in reform

At Penna, we find, excite and secure the best local authority leaders. We know that every organisation is unique, but what about the people within them? I’ve therefore been speaking with Chief Executives across the country to gain their perspective and asked what qualities their leadership teams exhibit..

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23 Mar 2018

Introducing SmartStyles

Before you look for the perfect candidate, get to know yourself..

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19 Feb 2018

Labour Market Outlook 2018

The latest quarterly Labour Market Outlook from the CIPD and The Adecco Group

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