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10 Feb 2017

Apprentice Levy, Data & Insight

Learning to leverage the Apprentice Levy

When the Apprentice Levy comes into effect in May 2017, this choice is only going to increase. So, what does this mean for you as an employer, and how can your organisation make the most out of it?

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03 Jan 2017

recruitment, technology, 2017, Penna, HR

Julie Towers looks ahead into 2017 and how the digital landscape continues to evolve and impact recruitment

That was the question I posed myself….well I obviously chose to blog on the basis that you can read or not read, or quickly delete, the choice is now yours. I decided it on the basis that some of my thoughts and experiences might be of interest to my colleagues, clients and candidates or anyone who has a 5 minute gap in their busy day, or is an insomniac.

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01 Dec 2016

Event, Local Government, Transformation, Trading Companies

From austerity to financial sustainability, Penna's Local Authority Trading Companies round table

On the 1st of December 2016 Penna hosted senior figures from Local Authority Trading Companies and Councils across the UK to discuss the future of public sector commercialization.

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29 Nov 2016

Kate Wilson, for the MJ, looks at the role of aspirational planning and what this can do to enhance your workforce

Read Kate ’s article for the MJ where she shares industry insider insights on pro-active and context-dependent action in Human Resources planning.

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