Julie Towers Month in Words - August


07 Aug 2017

Julie Towers Month in Words

There’s lots of change and reorganisation underway in our client organisations and our new HR/OD associate and consultancy support work is being called on as leadership teams consider what the future looks like for their organisations, what values and behaviours are needed. Our assessment team have been in demand, building virtual reality immersive assessment with high levels of digital technology to enable clients to test high numbers of candidates at speed for highly complex roles for apprenticeship, graduate and experienced hires. It’s great to work with clients who want to do something innovative, deep and strongly branded. We’re building long term employer reputations and we are delighted to have the opportunity to do so.

It’s holiday time so everyone is taking a well-earned break and we know as recruiters that it can be a time of relaxation and reflection for candidates and many return in the Autumn considering their career plans, a new role, move or promotion so it’s a long time since August was a quiet month in our industry and if July is anything to go by, it could be one of our busiest.

But recruitment in the UK is still behind the pace, and it’s about 9 – 14% behind last year’s  rate of growth. Is that Brexit, is that the General Election, is that the economy – it’s probably a blend of all of these issues and the fact that with a continued war for talent our resourcing clients are rightly thinking through their workforce plans and investing carefully and more cautiously than previously.

We are also busy with our student marketing clients, who never have a quiet August because of the A level results and clearing period that follows. Our social media, digital and programmatic teams are on high alert, as much of this marketing activity as you’d expect takes place online and highly directed through programmatic media planning. Why waste marketing £’s when you can tailor and target so accurately. Our programmatic and campaign management team  will be very much full time over the Summer helping our university clients direct their marketing message to achieve their student numbers.

And then when it’s all over September will be upon us, and for those of us with Jan – Dec financial years we’ll be straight into budget and business planning for 2018. And for Penna 2018 will be the first year we are planning a budget that’s global as we open our North America operation. Our first hire has been made, and through great partnership with our Adecco Group companies, particularly Pontoon we are already pitching for attraction work in the USA. It’s good to be busy, it’s good to be doing new things, but mostly it’s good to be able to help our clients and candidates find the talent and work that delights them. So here’s to staying busy doing just that. Perhaps a bit more sunshine would make it just perfect?

Julie Towers

Managing Director