Marketing Work Experience - Callum


01 Dec 2017

Marketing Work Experience - Callum

Since graduating from university this summer, I have been zealously seeking work experience opportunities to prepare me for my first steps into the world of work. Luckily for me, the Events and Marketing team at Penna were more than happy to put up with me for two weeks. Unlike most other work experience I had done in the past where they'd just get me doing whatever monotonous data entry they needed doing, the work I was involved in at Penna gave me much more insight to the actual application of the things I learned at university in a business first-hand. My time at Penna also introduced me to several marketing tools and resources which I'm sure I'll be running into many times in the future. And while Events isn't exactly my area of expertise, I thoroughly enjoyed being involved in the preparation of November's Festive Celebration event and am happy to hear it was a huge success.

And while having some actual, engaging work to do was a nice change from my usual work experience experience, it was the people at Penna that truly made my two weeks here so enjoyable. A huge thank you to Oyinda, Brea and Aneela for being such wonderful people to work with, and another thank you to everyone else at Penna for making me feel so welcome during my short time in your family. My time here is something I can proudly put on my CV in the hopes that someone, someday hires me, and I couldn’t be more grateful.