Technology in Assessment


08 Mar 2017

Technology in Assessment

Recently, we hosted our latest Associate Engagement evening  where a group of our associates came together to share best practice and discuss emerging trends in the their world.

The evening was themed around the use of technology in assessment and Paul Smith, Consultant Occupational Psychologist and founder of Wise Amigo, hosted the session. 

The discussion bought out a lot of different opinions, ideas and experiences around technology in assessment. Some of the key points can be seen below.

Can technology help to expand our potential to assess?

It was widely agreed among our associates that simulation in assessment opens up much more possibility. Especially around role plays, real life situations, E-Tray exercises, group exercises etc.

There are so many tools to help assess candidates, clients just need to make sure that they aren’t using technology for the sake of it and that it’s relevant to the assessment.

Are we looking for technology to deliver the processes already being used, or will technology replace this?

The general consensus for this question was that we are actually looking for both. There are some areas of assessment where technology could replace what’s already in place and others where it could be included in current assessment or enhance it.

Technology is advancing all the time. Look at the functionality of a mobile phone now for example, we don’t need torches, compasses, maps etc. these functions are now on most Smart Phones and tablets. Think about what Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence can do to enhance candidate experience in assessments!

What have you seen in terms of technology, where do you think its adding value?

A few examples that seem to have been well received are Situational Judgement Testing screening, Group exercise assessments and virtual reality assessment. So, who do we think’s benefiting from these changes in assessment? The client and the candidate! The general feeling among our group is that most Virtual Reality assessment is actually fairer as candidates get to showcase their skills.

There were several associates in attendance who had already used technology in assessment in various different styles of assessment using different technologies.

So, the future looks bright for assessment, as technology opens virtual and actual doors for the candidate and client experience. Here at Penna, we’re at the sharp end of the cutting edge of assessment – finding the best assessment solutions, utilising these to secure the best candidates and exciting our clients with the results.

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