Where does your core Talent Acquisition activity lie?


07 Aug 2017

Where does your core Talent Acquisition activity lie?

Are you an organisation that recruits large volumes of the same types of role? Or one that has less volume but more specialist/niche roles? Maybe you’re an organisation who has a mix of the two. Either way it is important to understand this before you start looking at platforms.

For example if you recruit volumes of the same types of roles, we believe that automation and the ability to maintain ongoing engagement with your talent pools is key. The word automation concerns some people as it sounds like you are ‘de-personalising’ the process. However we know that automation enables you and your teams to focus on the parts that make your process more personal. For instance, try automating tasks such as regret emails at application and auto-scheduling the sending and confirmation of invites to interview and assessment centre.

Likewise with recruiting specialist/niche roles, can the ATS or CRM integrate with 3rd party tools such as CV databases, LinkedIn and Facebook? These are important when it comes to making your recruiter’s time more efficient and effective, allowing them to conduct one Boolean search across your 3rd party integrations and most importantly, your own database and talent pools, to source the best candidates.

Another key consideration is who else will need to access the platform and what would you like them to do? We’ve worked with a number of organisations where we have wanted to deliver a service as efficiently as possible. This has meant that we have offered Hiring Manager portals which allow the recruiting manager to review CVs shortlisted, interview notes, assessment scores and more. We’ve also been able to give the recruiting manager greater insight into the process by building dashboards and real time reports within the portal.

The platforms we have seen work well in these areas are Advorto, Avature, JobScience and WCN. However one to watch – a recent entry to the market place – is Hire from Google.

What does your recruitment process look like?

Do you have one or two uniformed processes or do they vary greatly by departments or roles?

Do you need to be able to quickly scale and automate processes because you have limited resource or a fixed headcount?

In our experience working with organisations such as Metropolitan Police, Aldi and Bank of England it is important to have a platform (or platforms) that offer flexibility and enable as positive and efficient a process as possible. Present what your recruitment processes look like to the ATS/CRM providers and ask them where else they are supporting this process. Challenge them to challenge you in relation to what you could do differently to improve the candidate, recruiter and recruiting manager experience.

Do you use any online tests, SJT or OPQs as part of your recruitment process? Take the opportunity to see how you can reduce the need for labour-intensive tasks such as uploading and downloading of data from the online test provider (SHL, Saville, Cubiks etc). Do they integrate with the platforms you are reviewing?

Once you have chosen and are implementing a platform, make sure you have a reasonable amount of time to test and improve these elements as well as other aspects of the process before you go live.

What’s best practice?

You know what your process looks like/is going to look like. But how do you ensure that it represents best practice and is future proofed (as much as it can be)?

We are regularly asked by our clients to connect them with other clients to share best practice. They want to know how others are utilising new tools to improve efficiencies in the recruitment process as well as enhance the candidate and recruiter experience. Whether it is Aldi volume recruitment, Bank of England Early in Career or Haringey Transformation Recruitment we have a great deal of experience in designing and implementing the right processes and technology.

How hungry for data are you?

Over the last five years, ATS and CRM providers have significantly improved reporting capability. So much so, that your mind will probably boggle with the amount of data and metrics you have available to you.

Be clear about your data requirements and then check how easily this can be reported on. If resources are limited and you don’t have the luxury of a standalone person refining raw data into snazzy excel  graphs, pie charts and flowcharts, then find out what reporting dashboards can be setup at the click of a button.

Advorto, Avature, JobScience, TalentLink all have some really neat reporting tools available within the platform. But understand what you need now (and possibly in the future) to ensure you get what you want.

What’s likely to change in the future?

So much has changed in the talent acquisition space in the last five years and we know it will develop further still. So what’s new and what’s in the pipeline? We know that Predictive Analytics is going to play a big part in the role of a recruiter over the next five years. Jobscience’s platform on salesforce.com is really pushing this at the moment. As a combined Recruitment and Media Services provider, we see the value in this improving the return on investment on media spend (through traditional, online and programmatic) as well as making your recruiters more efficient in engaging the right talent at the start.

Another area we believe will make significant strides over the coming 12-18 months is Artificial Intelligence (AI). We are already exploring how this can be used to enhance the candidate experience and allow our Candidate Management teams to focus on more productive outputs. We are working with Mya, FirstJobs’ Artificial Intelligence tool, to remove our campaign inboxes where typically we get 500-1000 emails to per week. Mya would replace these inboxes and enable an immediate, 24 hour response to candidates acting as their Recruitment Assistant.

So, when looking for an ATS/CRM provider, ask them what their roadmap looks like. What are they going to do to make sure you stay one step ahead of the competition?

When it comes to supporting our clients with selecting a new ATS, Penna are vendor neutral which means you can be assured that we will identify the best solution for your specific needs. If you would like to learn more about how Penna can support you, please contact Simon Gomez on 07769 933 035 or simon.gomez@penna.com.