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12 Jan 2018

Friends, Family…and Facebook

Mark Zuckerberg turned his attention to sentimentality and compassion this morning, by announcing that Facebook would be altering their algorithms to prioritise family and friends’ generated content in users’ newsfeeds.

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11 Dec 2017

Best Practice for Marketing Emails

The Penna team went to one of the UCAS Media Masterclass events last week – it was a really useful session full of insights and data into the undergraduate market. They are holding future events in Leeds, London and Edinburgh, so please take the chance to go if you can. Details at:

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02 Nov 2017

7 Days of 7 Snapchat Ads

Every day we have conversations with our university clients over campaign reach, engagement, conversions, cost per clicks and return on advertising spend. We all rely on these metrics to tell us whether what we are doing is working or whether the campaign is meeting the agreed objectives.

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