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15 Feb 2017

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Brands Get Snappy

With over 8 billion mobile videos viewed every day, Snapchat easily rivals Facebook in terms of daily video user engagement.  It’s the most popular social media site amongst teenagers and young adults and reports over 100 million daily active users worldwide. 

So it’s not surprising that UK brands were a little bit excited last month when advertising on Snapchat finally became available.  It’s been in the BETA testing stage for what seems like ages but now we can build it into our campaigns targeting young people.  Those in Years 11 and 12 probably don’t even remember a time when Snapchat didn’t exist – it’s a big part of their digital life.

There will always be debate over whether brands should be intruding into this personal social media space with paid advertising. But we believe that if done well, it can help you to build and engage a highly targeted following, increasing brand loyalty and visibility.

The key is to use the right creative for the right purpose. Put simply, your approach and message has to match the platform.  Snapchat is momentary – it is all about the immediate time.  And so, it is a great platform to promote time-only events, for example.

Here’s our top 5 tips for planning a Snapchat campaign:

i) Know your audience – you only have a short window to make an impression, so connection is especially important. If unsure, test.

ii) Create memorable content – don’t be afraid to stand out. You have just a few seconds to get your point across, so bland just won’t do it.

iii) Share personal brand stories – the youth market love personal stories and personality, so don’t hide behind a faceless brand.

iv) Use exclusivity – if you have any promotions or exclusive invites to open days, or information that you can share only on Snapchat. This type of approach is often a key driver in gaining attention.

v) Be authentic – stories that are real always perform best on the platform. So allow your brand to be itself and show your core brand values.  Don’t overly script and go with spontaneity whenever you can.

If your University has a very formal corporate brand, we know it can be difficult to adapt to this type of platform. It takes a cultural shift to move away from sharing gorgeous art-directed photography to focus instead on the immediate and personal.  But it is the users of Snapchat that are setting the pace and direction, so learn from them and just be real.

Rali Morris
Channel Strategist