Bright. Captivating. Bucks.


10 Jul 2017

Higher Education, Content Marketing

Bright. Captivating. Bucks.

Bucks New University needed a creative campaign to make them stand out in a busy market place, and that captured the essence of uni life. It had to work across many different channels, and nod to their new website - which included video content. So how do we translate their latest prospectus design, ‘Bright Futures’, into an adaptable, fresh, and successful campaign? How do we crystallize what uni is all about in a few words? And give it visual impact?  

Our first move was to get to grips with what ‘Bright Futures’ really meant, and understand the values behind it. That way, we could ensure the campaign complemented and elevated the university’s overarching messaging. What we found was a focus on positivity, and the uniqueness of their courses. Now, we had the sentiment to underpin all that we did.

With ‘bright’ being the driving idea, we then had to find ways to make it resonate with the target audience. Many crumpled paper balls later, we’d taken the best bits of our ideas and made one, relevant message. It was direct, warm, engaging, and a celebration of going to uni. We adopted a simple headline structure, allowing us to use only 11 words, so it meant that each word had to work very hard.

You’ll start afresh. Discover yourself. Take chances. Build a brighter future.

It encapsulates the feeling of making a fresh start, and having the time to work out who you are. It’s about taking chances, and building a star-bright future for yourself. In other words, from the euphoria of finishing exams, to the sweaty-palmed “What’s next?” chats – there’s no adventure quite like uni.

Visually, we made a powerful impact so that our creative stood out from the crowd. We did this by using colourful shapes that interact with the imagery, bringing the advert to life even more. Not only that, these shapes would adapt depending on which version of the advert was used, so each one was unique. Plus, the individuals featured had a certain attitude about them, reflecting the sentiment of the copy itself. Blend all these elements together, and you’ve got a striking yet simple advert that draws the eye around the headlines, to then rest on the Bucks New University logo.

In terms of placement, the campaign focused on outdoor advertising. It appeared for several weeks in a number of locations from Oxford to Waterloo, on bus sides and at major London Underground stations.  

The client felt the campaign was a breath of fresh air, worked seamlessly with their branding, and made a real impact wherever it featured.

And in our eyes, it was fresh, bright, and incredibly enjoyable to work on.