Creativity in Buying Media


24 Aug 2017

Creativity, Media, Media buying, Penna Education

Creativity in Buying Media

When we think of creativity in advertising, our default setting is to think about the creative concept, the imagery and the messaging being used.  But creativity isn’t limited to this; to take the true sense of the word, creativity is about using imagination or original ideas to create something.  So our team at Penna try to instill creativity in everything we do, even in the planning and buying of media:

Choice of media

At a simple level, we always look afresh at the media options for each individual brief.  So we never assume that what has worked before is the best solution now; the market is changing at such a rapid pace that our clients would soon be left behind if so.  Instead, we place the client brief at the heart of our media planning, concentrating on the overall goals and using our audience insight to make sure we are engaging with them at the right time and on the right platform.

Non-traditional routes

Sometimes, traditional advertising isn’t going to be the most effective. Creativity is then about taking a fresh perspective on the best way to make your brand visible in a busy market. 

An example is the use of sponsored content.  We’ve found this to be particularly effective in engaging audiences during very busy times such as Clearing.  Developing specific content pieces that give advice and guidance to applicants and their influencers delivers helpful and accessible content whilst also giving the university brand visibility at this critical time.

Campaign Structure

How campaigns are structured provides another example of creativity. It might sound obvious, but campaigns should be structured around different audience segments, not groups of courses.  So if we are promoting postgraduate business courses, we wouldn’t assume we should promote every ingle course to everybody.  Instead, we’d segment by behaviour, interests or motivations so that we promote the right courses to those most likely to apply.

Campaign implementation

Creativity is also about how the campaign is actually put into practice.  This includes bringing campaigns to life in their targeting, personalisation and optimisation.  But it also includes the ongoing optimisation and adjusting of campaigns to give us and our clients, complete control over the direction that these take.  The creativity lies in the ability to change direction
of a campaign, to switch emphasis to a different subject area or market as needed.