Planning an Award-Winning Campaign

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16 Jan 2017

Marketing, Advertising, Student Recruitment

Planning an Award-Winning Campaign for Northampton College


Northampton College sent over a brief for a new campaign in May last year. The aim was to attract new enquiries, encourage applications and keep applicants warm. But this was different to any campaign I had ever run for this client, as a new and engaging video was at the centre of all the collateral.

With this in mind, the majority of media outputs really needed to show off both the full-length video, and shorter versions that were ideal for social media. We planned the campaign in bursts, so it ran from August to mid-September and then from October to November. The campaign planning had a modest start due to budget restraints, and we focused on social media channels for cost effectiveness. However, as the budget allowance grew, so did the campaign. We developed a much larger strategy, which included social media, local cinema advertising and a digital advertising van that was out and about on GCSE results day. 

Cinema advertising was a challenge to plan – the video had to be cleared by the BBFC (British Board of Film Classification), and then I personally quality-checked the advert as it was played in a cinema. That in itself was a new experience, as I was only one in the screening, and I was there for the grand total of two minutes – so there was no time for popcorn!  At this stage in the planning, I had seen the video a few times before, but only on a computer screen.  It made such a difference to see it on a cinema screen with the surround sound turned right up. Modern, edgy, and upbeat, I knew it was going to resonate really well with a younger audience.

After months of planning, the campaign was a great success and the video even won an FE First award in the Digital and Social Media category! I really enjoyed planning and delivering this campaign - not only because it was so different, but also because of how efficient and collaborative Northampton College were. Every deadline was met and information was quickly provided. As a Client Delivery Manager this makes the process so much smoother, and it’s much easier to deliver an effective campaign on time, and within budget. I had high hopes for this campaign, and I wasn’t disappointed.

Ariana Fisher
Client Delivery Manager

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