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18 Mar 2019

WhatsApp turned 10

WhatsApp turned 10 last month and for a company that prides itself on simplicity and reliability of its product, what a decade they have had! From group chats to voice messages...

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26 Feb 2019

UCAS Extra Begins

UCAS Extra used to be a lifeline for students, who either were yet to receive an offer after the mid-January deadline, or had a change of heart and declined the offers received. It was an opportunity to secure their university place before the rush of Clearing

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29 Jan 2019

UCAS Media Masterclass – January 2019

UCAS Media are running their usual series of masterclass events for those of us working in marketing, recruitment or admissions. They are a great opportunity to get insights into undergraduate market trends. Below are some of our reflections from the session we attended:

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