Sheffield Hallam University

Having a strong employer brand adds a little more ‘oomph’ to organisations. And when we met with Sheffield Hallam University they were just starting on their own employer brand journey to help them attract, convert and retain top talent.

Straight away, we checked out the current perceptions of being employed by the university. Our team chatted to recent hires, established staff members and even those who had turned down a job offer. We gathered intel on why they joined, left, attitudes towards benefits, and thoughts on the strengths and weaknesses of the university’s current brand.

By now we had a crystal-clear picture in our minds as to what it really meant to be part of Sheffield Hallam University. We then created five distinct brand pillars – each supported by in-depth research. To top it all off, our team identified key communication messages and recommended how to embed their new employer brand across the university.

Their analysis, insight and the report the team produced have been an essential part of our employer brand project. Their analysis provided a fresh perspective that I don’t think would have been achievable had we carried out the work ourselves.

Sam Coulby, Senior Recruitment and Reward Advisor, Sheffield Hallam University


Our hard graft meant Sheffield Hallam University now had a strong set of core values that would make people sit up and listen. They moved into the second phase of their employer brand seamlessly – applying the key messaging and ensuring brand consistency across behaviours, print and digital communications.