Welcome to Penna Perspective Jan 2019


28 Jan 2019

Welcome to Penna Perspective Jan 2019

Happy New Year!


It’s a cliché but the years quite simply do go faster as you get older….2018 really did motor and we hope that all of our clients, candidates, associates and partners had a good break and recharged their batteries ready for the year ahead.


Welcome to our first Penna Perspectives of 2019. We look forward to keeping you in touch with all things Penna through our newsletter, and we hope you will find our work and insights interesting and useful to you in your talent attraction, selection and development work. We hope our first edition of the year gives you food for thought; and please if you’d like to attend one of our many events just get in touch via events@penna.com.


The talent agenda has never been so busy, and whether it’s change, downsizing, growth, relocation, new operating model or the Brexit word – every organisation is having to think carefully about how it will find, excite and secure the right talent to enable it to deliver on its business plans. And it’s no different here at Penna, where we walk our own talk; so it’s great to introduce to you some of our new hires and outline some of our growing new search and interim practices in Housing and Digital – both growth areas for our economy and therefore needing new talent to drive their agenda’s forward. Our up and coming events plan is also included; and we are looking forward to getting involved in the debate about whether technology kills jobs and creates careers as we host our first big resourcing event of the year on the subject of Artificial Intelligence on 6th February.


We’re also really proud and pleased to share with you a case study of our work with Metropolitan Police in this quarter’s newsletter. Through our work with them we feel we are contributing to making London a safer place to live, work and visit. It’s assignments like these that really make us jump out of bed in the morning.


Hope you enjoy the insights and we look forward to sharing more with you in future editions. Here’s to a great 2019.