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Upping the tempo of Police Now’s beat

Unfortunately, the top grads in the country just don’t see policing as a career for them. Not only do you spend two years as a probationary constable, there’s also a preconception that it takes way too long before you get any real responsibility. So the Met decided to create something new. A programme that banished the two years on the beat. One that rocketed people to levels of real responsibility. It was called ‘Police Now’.

Our job (along with MediaCom, the Met’s media buying agency) was to excite the finest grads in the country. As ever, diversity was a major consideration.

Firstly, we needed to give Police Now an identity. A personality. A voice. Which was done in rapid time. We focused on the career-defining cocktail made from immediate responsibility, the zest of direct impact, and a healthy splash of leadership preparation. With just enough time for a quick photoshoot with recent Grads at the Met, we pulled together a campaign combo of advertising, social media, microsite and events.

Of course, we were eager to see if everything worked, but we weren’t quite expecting results like this.

Applications were at an all time high, 50% of applicants were female, and the Met had a well-established social media presence. In fact, they got an extra 931 Facebook likes and over 2,200 new Twitter followers in the short time we were live. Not only that, London’s finest saw their Graduate Employer status rise a staggering 15 places.

So, was it a success story? We think it’s more like a success anthology.


Candidates attended


Role offers made


Offers accepted


Over our initial hire target


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