London Borough of Ealing- CEO

Ealing is a unique place with a progressive local authority successfully managing the financial challenges facing the public sector, and ambitious plans to build on its success by providing increased housing and job opportunities for those who work and live in the Borough

Creative, high touch, rigorous and fast- paced was the brief given to the Penna team to deliver one of the most coveted CEO roles in London Local Government, responsible for a gross budget close to £1.2b, with over 350,000 residents and 2,600 employees. The political leadership of the Council wanted to see a high calibre field and wanted an approach that engaged a broad spectrum of stakeholders to ensure candidates “could see and feel” both the community and the organisation they would be operating in.

Led by Julie Towers and Yvonne Skingle, who between them have over 100 CEO appointments under their belts, the Penna team created a recruitment experience that offered personal support for the internal HR Team, the outgoing CEO, and the Leader of the Council. This high touch service was also given to prospective candidates who were coached through a rigorous but fast paced process of interviews, psychometric assessment and stakeholder panels.

Despite the challenges of recruiting over the festive holidays, the team delivered an outstanding and diverse field of experienced CEOs with a representative balance of genders and ethnicities. Pacey, creative and with an absolute focus of our customers’ interests (both candidates and council stakeholders), we delivered an exceptional recruitment experience.

Yvonne Skingle

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