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Our goal isn’t just to find you any candidate, it’s to find you the right one. That’s why assessment is so key. We can deliver everything from off-the-shelf tools, to bespoke selection materials.

But we also make sure that a candidate’s experience matches your employer brand. So our immersive assessment centres and VR solutions are creative and effective, but also feel like you. While we’re looking for someone who has the right competencies, we’re also looking for someone with the right mindset. It’s innovative assessment, with a human touch.

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Case Study

Bank of England

The challenge?

At the start of 2020, the Bank of England’s Apprenticeship programme was flying. But during the pandemic, we needed to quickly turn our face-to-face assessment centre into a virtual platform.

Our solution?

We rescoped and redesigned the entire assessment process. It was important to move everything online, while ensuring there was still a high level of engagement with candidates who were already in the process. We’re talking group exercises, competency testing and individual interviews. You name it, we reinvented it.

And the results?

We saw an amazing 7% increase in BAME applications across all the development schemes. (Incredibly, more than one in two candidates were BAME.) And this trend continued right through to the offer stage, with two in five candidates successfully securing a place. There was also a 5% increase in female applicants accepted onto the Bank’s Early Careers programmes. So it’s safe to say that our results have been virtually life-changing.