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Performance Media

We want to make sure that we reach the right people, in the right way, at the right time. To do just that, we use media in innovative ways and get the most out of your spend. With defined strategies, we carefully choose media platforms, advertise on social channels and make the most of trackable programmatic solutions.

Programmatic helps us target those people who fit your ideal profile. It means we can engage with high-quality applicants and meet your objectives. And, with the help of job reach, we can advertise your vacancies across various publishing networks in just a few clicks. With the help of these tools, we make media work for you.

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Case Study


The challenge?

In 2019, Cafcass were after newly qualified social workers. It’s a sector that’s become increasingly difficult to recruit into, so we knew we had to use clever strategies and tackle this campaign differently.

Our solution?

We steered away from using more traditional media. Instead, we used a mix of our in-house performance media products (Google, Facebook and Job Reach). This helped us to drive awareness of the campaign and target active and passive individuals. By constantly reviewing the results, we served the content in the most strategic and effective way.

And the results?

Our strategic approach really paid off. We saw consistent activity throughout the campaign, with a peak in traffic towards the closing date. And, importantly, we gained 98% more applications than the previous year. Our in-house products not only increased awareness, but they delivered results.