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Data and Insight

The campaign has been signed off. Phew. Now it’s time to make sure it’s successful. So we’ll get to grips with exactly what you want to achieve and track every element from start to finish. It means we can see what’s working and optimise your campaign in real-time.

If a message isn’t resonating with the target audience, we can change it. If a media channel isn’t working as well as we expected, we can give recommendations. And if everything’s going to plan, we can use these insights to shape future campaigns.

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Case Study

The challenge?

One of our biggest clients continue to offer one of the best graduate schemes out there. But they were attracting mainly male applications. So we set out to persuade females and those from minority ethnic groups to apply. It needed to be out with the old and in with the new.

Our solution?

We knew that just looking at the most diverse universities in isolation wasn’t going to be enough. So we decided to take a multi-dimensional approach to our data analysis. Using quantitative techniques, we defined where successful and unsuccessful candidates came from. Along with other data sources, we created two strategies tailored to specific universities.

And the results?

After running the strategy for a year, we saw amazing results. To really interrogate the results, we ran an experiment with two streams of targeting. We tested campaigns which used our recommended targeting list, and campaigns which targeted a broader mix of universities. Our more defined targeting saw BAME and female hires increasing by a huge 50%. So we’ve now taken these successes to shape next year’s strategy. Who knew data could be so exciting?