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Candidate Management

The perfect person might have submitted their application, but our work is far from over. Now it’s time to track, sift, respond. But what does that mean? Well, it’s means we’ll be there for candidates.

We’ll answer any questions we can, encourage engagement and persuade them to stay in the process. And we can also take on the interviewing. And we’re used to working with volume. The bigger the campaign, the better. With an expert team and cutting-edge systems, our standards only ever improve.

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Case Study

Homes England

The challenge?

Homes England (HE) needed to find 15 graduates for their new programme. But they were struggling with the diversity of applications and only had 6 weeks to find the right talent. So we set out to develop a best-in-class candidate experience.

Our solution?

Like all great solutions we did our research. And our surveys highlighted that the application to interview journey could be improved. So to help increase engagement, we created a bespoke microsite and a built-in live chat function. And we also worked with the team to offer graduates 4 unique placements, lasting 6 months each. This rotational approach gave applicants a varied experience and a more rounded insight into Homes England.

And the results?

Homes England hoped to receive 250 candidates. Incredibly, we actually attracted 4,000 quality graduates. We filtered the applications with video interviews and virtual assessment centres. And to ensure we were supporting a wide pool of candidates, we held drop-in sessions and benchmarking sessions for those who qualified. It meant that all 15 places were quickly filled, and other top candidates were directed towards other roles in Homes England. But we didn’t stop there. We also went on to set up a support framework for each successful graduate. Happy grads, happy client, happy Penna.