Place Partnership

With the challenges of devolution, the creation of more unitary councils and unrelenting financial pressures, local government is facing unprecedented change and needs to find innovative solutions to keep pace with consumer demand –public sector institutions across Hertfordshire, Shropshire, Warwickshire and Worcestershire, have come together to do just that

Place Partnership is the UK’s first single asset management company, offering a unique approach to managing a significant public estate with the ambition of delivering £58 million savings, improved service integration and a boost to economic growth across the four county areas. From the start, the Penna Local Government team understood the importance of successful collaboration with all the partner organisations getting to grips with their views, building consensus on the skills and abilities required to set up and run this unique company and creating and managing a recruitment process that delivered transparency, created confidence and delivered a great outcome.

The Penna approach created a campaign that was visually creative, with a microsite that was accessible 24/7; candidate friendly, with significant support for search candidates especially for those with no knowledge of the public sector; and dynamic, with regular interaction with key stakeholders on progress and market intelligence.

And the results – a truly diverse field of exceptional candidates that had the ability to manage the complex stakeholder relationships, the leadership qualities to set up and establish the company and the commercial acumen to deliver the financial and service benefits required.

It didn’t end there. The successful candidate, who came from the private sector, was supported by the Penna team in getting to grips with the unfamiliar public landscape and remains a Penna customer.

Yvonne Skingle

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