Edge Hotel School – University of Essex

As the UK’s first and only hotel school based in a fully functional luxury hotel, this organisation is pretty special. But they needed a helping hand defining their brand and attraction strategies.

The school reached out to us after their first ever intake of students. Exciting, yes, but application numbers needed to grow – and their team were looking for some specialist marketing help. So we entered stage left to help define the school’s brand and target audience, plus oversee a media campaign to attract future students.

Instinctively, we recognised that this unique way of study would appeal to a select audience – university applicants who had different motivations and expectations from the majority of students. We arranged focus groups with current Edge Hotel School students and chatted to team members to pinpoint their strategic marketing and communication priorities.

We used our marketing expertise to settle on two target market areas and created tailor-made media strategies for both. We also fashioned audience profiles so the school could recognise the correct routes and messages specifically for these target groups.


With brand analysis, brand positioning and strategic media planning, we re-aligned Edge Hotel School as a leading provider of higher education hospitality management. Later that year, our media campaign contributed to a series of over-subscribed open events and a record number of students joining the School.