Northampton College

As one of the largest educational providers in the region, Northampton College already had an outstanding record. Students were achieving 95% pass rates and by 2014-15, 87% of students went on to further study or straight into employment. So it was no surprise that the college wanted to maintain this momentum, and push to attract even more students. 

We wanted to promote a video that the college had already developed, using real students to endorse the Life Changing branding concept. So with a great video already in the bag, Penna got planning. To help raise the college’s profile and increase applications of 16-18 year olds by 10%, we decided to launch in August 2016 – just in time for GCSE results day. We ran the video over the college-owned Facebook, Instagram and YouTube sites – even making our own hashtags.

Our other media selections were targeted to young people and local parents, so we used banners on local newspaper websites and also played the full-length film at local cinemas.


It’s safe to say it was a huge success. In fact, the numbers simply speak for themselves. There were strong interaction statistics on social media – with Facebook proving particularly popular. 53% of people saw the film from start to finish and the first post reached an impressive 11,865 people. YouTube was also an impressive channel, securing 12,228 views during the campaign.

Using our in-house campaign management service, we monitored the performance from all placements. It meant that we could manage the campaign in real time, ensuring maximum effectiveness. As a result, the college exceeded its targets and had an excellent year-on-year increase in applications. Northampton's campaign was award winning, netting the college the Gold Award at the FE First Award ceremony in December 2016.

Project Team

Have a look at the educated minds that brought the project to life.

  • Rachel Killian

  • Ariana Fisher