Aldi Apprentices

Our cinematic spin to find Aldi’s future movers and shakers

Aldi’s the fastest-growing supermarket in the country. Which is great, but sometimes too many people apply. And with an industry-defying apprenticeship programme, countless CVs were causing the retailer’s inbox to bulge at the binary seams. Thing is, as possibly the most efficient, hard-working supermarket on the block, Aldi’s not for just anyone.

Our ‘Like no other’ Aldi brand was doing a pretty good job of encouraging only the right candidates to apply. We just needed to give it an Apprenticeship make over.

We created a new film which showcased the lovely Adam (one of their most successful Apprentices), and devised an interactive quiz plus a new welcome video. We also blitzed every event with powerful collateral right up until National Apprenticeship week.

How did it go? When Aldi came to us, they were getting a staggering amount of applications for their apprenticeship scheme. After we came in, they dropped to a much more manageable level. Even though Aldi had made it harder to apply by asking for Cs in Maths and English GCSE, they hired more apprentices in a quicker time than the previous year.

So using Maths GCSE, it’s easy to see that while applications were down, the quality had increased. A result like no other.

Ruth Doyle – Managing Director


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