Aldi Video

The One When Aldi’s Videos Got Everyone Laughing

Aldi’s doing really well.
Like, climbing-faster-than-any-other-supermarket-in-the-UK kind of well. In 2015, they needed to recruit over 150 Area Managers but, because they were offering a superb package, their trolley was overflowing with applications. They wanted graduates to apply, but for all the right reasons. Not the £42k starting salary. Or the Audi A4. They also identified a previously untapped market – the Career Changer. These were the graduates disillusioned with their chosen path, but who could be perfect for Aldi. We had the website.

We had the new brand. We even had a whole bunch of posters, flyers and brochures broadcasting their great opportunities. But now it was time to bust out the cameras. Thanks to Aldi’s self-aware personality, we had a great opportunity to make it funny. And after some Saturday Night Live revision, we hit the Lab to create sketches that would not only make everyone laugh. They’d also help people realise they were perfect for Aldi.

So, the results.
Can we put hours of laughing down here? Well, if not, we could also go on about the boost in Area Manager applications since the campaign. Or the fact that more of the right people were applying. Or how about the instant rise of completed applications? They’re all true. 

In less than 12 months Penna has helped us to revolutionise the way we look at recruitment and development.

Ruth Doyle, Managing Director


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