Shunning the expected for revolutionary

It’s hard to believe, but Hyundai are only 49 years old. For such a young company, they’ve truly shaken up the automotive industry, racking up some notable achievements. They do things their own way, ignoring the norm (we liked them immediately). And it makes them an exciting organisation to work for. But as the company grew at a remarkable rate, the careers pages on the corporate website just weren’t revving in the right way anymore. They needed a whole new site that would really show them off to the world.

We love different at Penna. So we couldn’t wait to get behind the wheel of this project. Wait. No car puns. That was rule number one. After looking at competitor websites, it was just full of them, as well as an overload of car images.

Us being us, we decided this would be the first automotive industry careers website that focused on people more than cars. We built it around the company’s distinctive work culture, emphasising the fast pace, the unique growth and the challenging opportunities.

As a result, Hyundai UK attracted more candidates to their site than ever before, particularly from the younger generation. But what made us prouder than a Jedi after their first mind trick, was how much the company loved our work. In fact, Hyundai Europe asked to use the design for their own careers site.

Penna have made the process simple, engaging and have given us plenty to think about in the long-term but most of all, it’s a great relationship that positions them as a true valued partner.


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