An original and ultimately award winning engagement and assessment tool that truly embraced gamification

As part of ‘the big four’, KPMG’s graduate programmes really do make other mountains look like specks of dust. After all, they hire a staggering 1,100 graduates every year. For one of the world’s most well-known corporations, you’d think it would be easy. But at KPMG, everyone from graduates to senior leaders needs to be the best of the best.

After wowing them with our idea for a gaming solution, we got going.

First things first: the game needed to provide a real taste of KPMG so, from the very beginning, students could opt in or out of the hiring process. While referencing their brand attributes, the game was to create KPMG a pool of engaged students who’d be added to the Smart Network - which explained the nitty-gritty about the different roles and how to apply.

We called it the ‘80 days’ challenge. A hot air balloon race that saw people going on an interactive journey around the globe, in the shortest times possible. All to get a coveted place on the Smart Network. The game enmeshed educational pieces about KMPG with behaviour-based challenges (created by our very own Occupational Psychologists). We had a nice little campaign running alongside the game, to really generate buzz among graduates. It was so successful that ‘80 days’ went viral.

Check out this link to see what we’re talking about:

In the first six months, 1,500 people registered and 3,600 games were played. Now, KPMG had people on their books that embodied the brand before they even started work. And, to top it all off, ‘80 days’ went on to win the Best Graduate Campaign at the 2014 RAD Awards.

Using gamification in our recruitment marketing and attraction strategy is part of our commitment to attracting great candidates in a new and exciting way.

Vanessa Soames, Head of Graduate Recruitment and Recruitment Marketing, KPMG


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