Doing Digital – a guide for interim managers


09 Jun 2020

Doing Digital – a guide for interim managers

Jade Barber, Associate Consultant in our Executive Interim team, has been encouraging her interims to make the most of online and digital while working remotely or searching for their next assignment. Here’s her top tips to connect and create opportunity online.

Being out of work for a short period of time for interims is, under normal circumstances, to be expected and very much in the nature of what they do.

But my conversations with those in between assignments, amid the uncertainty and extraordinary situation we find ourselves in, demonstrates that for many this has been a daunting and anxiety-inducing time. Please know that everyone here at Penna is working hard to be here for you, whether you need to find your next assignment, need to recruit to a position or just want to have a chat about the market!

Over the past couple of months we’ve seen the market fluctuate which was to be expected, but I know that some of you have unfortunately seen your roles put on hold and in some cases cancelled completely.

Those interims and clients who have connected with me have done so online. Some through LinkedIn, others on email and still more on Zoom and Microsoft Teams.

This state of panic will not and cannot last. Indeed I can see a socially-distanced light at the end of the tunnel. In the meantime, my advice to interims is to maximise their online presence and persona. Here’s how you do that.

1. Connect, connect, connect

Stay connected to your network. This will be the most effective way of hearing about opportunities so make sure you’re staying in touch with your previous colleagues and employers. Another important way to maintain your presence in the market is to stay in regular contact with three or four of your preferred agencies. We are all here to give advice, run opportunities by you and keep you up to date with the current situation. Being in-the-know about the market will also be hugely beneficial to you and staying connected will ensure you’re up to date with it.

Some ways you can grow your network online, connect with colleagues and recruitment consultants on networks like LinkedIn. Join online events, such as those run by Penna.  

You can also join mailing lists, like Penna’s own, so you receive updates on the industry direct to your inbox. If you’d like to join our marketing lists for Interim and Executive updates, email .

2. Spring clean your LinkedIn, update that online CV

Now may be a good time to do some of the jobs you just don’t get around to doing when you’re working. Scroll down your LinkedIn page; does it look quite as fantastic as, perhaps, it could?

LinkedIn is a beneficial way to keep your all-important network updated with your situation. Think of this as a watered down version of your CV, not giving away too much information but ensuring your job titles and dates are correct. Give short precis of your duties and achievements.

Think about reaching out to former employers and connections for Recommendations and Endorsements of skills. These make you look very credible as a candidate to potential employers.

All this goes for your on-paper CV too. Updating your CV will be really helpful for those speedy turnaround interim roles.

Being ready for when the market picks up, which it will, is important and having your credentials ready will play a big part in that.

If you need any assistance on writing your CV or updating your LinkedIn, feel free to get in touch and I’d be happy to share my thoughts.

3. Consider joining Twitter

LinkedIn is a fantastic forum for thought-leadership, and great for fostering professional connections. But other social networks are valuable too.

Have you considered creating a professional Twitter account, for instance? This network is brilliant for keeping you abreast of up-to-the-minute developments in your sector. It’s also a more informal platform, so you’ll hear about opportunities which may not be shared on the more ‘official’ networks like LinkedIn.

Start by following our official accounts; @wearepenna and @pennaexecutive to connect into the wealth of information on Twitter.

Want to know more?

Whether everyone here at Penna know you well, or haven’t yet had the pleasure in speaking with you, please feel free to email for any advice or guidance you need.