Help us, help you – building our online service


02 Apr 2019

Help us, help you – building our online service

Digital technology has transformed how we read the news, listen to music to how we make dentist appointments to how we communicate and do business. So here at Penna we are looking to digitally transform our candidate engagement, registration and application process, to make it even easier for our interims to engage with us, our clients and their interim opportunities.

We want to be the No1 go to interim company and supporting our interims and keeping them connected is paramount for us in 2019. Your feedback on how we do this is imperative for us, so we hope through the newsletter to engage you in this.

We commissioned some external research recently which tested our portal with competitors and other service organisations to see how we could improve our online offer and access, and this along with your feedback will help shape our new portal. So we hope you will help us, help you get a better service from Penna.

We’re also planning on creating an ‘engagement’ page which will enable you to reach out to our community to seek/give advice on relevant topics and to ensure your questions are resolved in a timely manner and to network with other likeminded individuals as well as ensuring you have maximum access to manage your interim journey with us.

But that’s just our thinking, what would help you be better served, more engaged with Penna?

We would really value your input with this digital transformation and if you have any suggestions or ideas on either our new portal, or how we could better engage with you, please let us know by emailing  our programme lead. Or perhaps you’d like to join our webinar on 14thMay at 12.30 – please email