Housing is booming across the UK and here at Penna


02 Apr 2019

Housing is booming across the UK and here at Penna

At Penna we are keen to grow on our already successful housing desk. We have been recruiting into the housing sector for a number of years nowand our goal is to make our brand as successful as it is within Local Government.  We have a good track record of placing at Chief Executive, Director and Head of Service level into HA’s, ALMOs and local authorities.

Aside from the work we do with clients across executive recruitment, we also offer other services including managed recruitment, assessment and design, sourcing, transformation and design.

Our Team

Our housing team is made up of two consultants, who come with over 25 years’ experience in public sector recruitment. We each have our own individual style of working, sector knowledge and networking contacts to form a powerful team. We pride ourselves with building sustainable relationships with both our clients and candidates.

Ruth Lane has over 9 years’ experience working in recruitment and has been at Penna for almost 5 years. A few years ago, Ruth made the decision to support Penna in further developing their services into the housing sector. She has a clear passion for the sector and has an established network and presence within the industry.

Serena Chanmugam has been a public-sector recruiter for over 7 years and has a wealth of expertise within the education sector, recruiting at all levels.  Sheis an ambitious and enthusiastic professional who has prior experience of maintaining existing client relationships and generating new ones. 

Our Work

It has been an interesting few years since we decided to start our first dedicated social housing desk within Penna.

We have grown on our already existing housing portfolio and have worked with some great clients including Homes England, Habinteg, WM Housing and Inquilab where we have worked with them filling roles such as Interim Director of Corporate Services, Interim Head of Income Services, Interim Director of Transformation, Interim Director of Finance and Interim Financial Consultant.

Over the last few years we have seen a continuous demand for operational interims in all sizes of housing associations and bearing in mind the amount of mergers and acquisitions still taking place, we foresee this trend continuing. Alongside this, with housing being high on the government agenda and potentially also with HRA being lifted, we are seeing an increase in demand for development and property experts across the public sector.

Our Approach

It is probably also worth bearing in the mind that with so much emphasis on customer journey and digital transformation in the sector, there will be an increase in demand for such expertise.

We pride ourselves on building relationships with clients and interims, getting to know people as much as they will allow and, although we are a relatively new agency in to the sector, we know the market and are learning daily and it has to be said that our interim network is brilliant and is continuously growing. Our presence across local government gives us an even wider interim network and this is valuable as the housing sector is brilliant at looking at people from out of sector.

The Client's Perspective

Having the opportunity of allowing Penna to support your organisation in finding the right talent, in creating an excitement around your organisation and its brand or in securing an interim/permanent specialist, then what have you got to lose?

Our breadth of services allows us to support nearly all areas of recruitment from an IT specialist to set up your new digital software, to a regeneration specialist who can support on acquiring new land, or the delivery of 1000 new homes to conducting an assessment centre for your corporate management team.

One thing that is consistently highlighted when recruiting is the requirement for an EVP (Employer Value Proposition). Penna regularly works with clients to produce compelling EVPs to support HR, Resourcing and ultimately business objectives. Penna recently undertook some qualitative interview-based research into measuring EVPs in organisations by speaking to some key HR leaders in our network. We uncovered some really interesting snippets about how EVPs should be judged, measured and viewed, including some key measures throughout the employee lifecycle. Could this be of benefit to your organisation?

The Interim's Perspective

Are you looking for your next assignment and interested in discussing opportunities or maybe even thinking of becoming an interim?  

When it comes to local government, we have one of the largest profiles within executive recruitment and it won’t be long before we are the same within housing associations. So, no matter which area you come from, using your skills to work across sector would not only be valuable for you, but also the client where skills and knowledge and be shared and also to us, giving us a wider range of interims for each assignment. 

We are not asking you to sing from the rooftops, but hopefully those who are familiar with our services will be able to provide testament that we are as devoted to delivering fantastic results as anyone within the industry. So, what we are asking for is your support in helping us to build the Penna brand within social housing.

We will be looking for our Interims and those who are part of the ‘Penna Family’ to really support us in continuing to improve within this area.

We are looking forward to working with you and sharing our successes as a collective in the wonderful world of housing.