Navigating disruptive times.


28 Jan 2019

Navigating disruptive times.

Jo Cumpter, Penna’s new executive recruitment lead for digital and technology share her insights

This is a time of great change and disruption. It has been widely acknowledged as one of great societal upheaval, with rapid digitalisation and the transformation across central, federal and local government in the provision of public service. Public Services are being both enhanced and re-engineered, bringing innovative ways to deliver more efficient customer centric and “smart” services to the citizens and the community.

Realising the opportunity and how it can transform public service provision, the government agencies of all shapes and sizes want to transform how they operate as a central government, introducing new approaches to reforming service delivery, changing the business operating model, innovating and becoming more agile as it delivers efficient and effective services to their community.

Central and local governments, departments and ministries across Europe such as the UK’s Department of Work and Pensions, Wigan Council and the State Portal of the Republic of Estonia are already investing significantly in providing digital solutions and services to their citizens and communities. It is vital to the future of the government to be an early adopter of digital and innovator in the domain.

In our work across public and private sector we are focused on hiring the right talent to enhance the digital and ICT function. We are always looking for candidates with transferable skills who have delivered major digital change, operated at an enterprise level and reengineered business process to deliver a digitized service model. We often find that candidates are keen to find interesting/challenging 2 – 3 year digital reform programmes to work on, the more impactful the better. And in digital and technology recruitment the blur between interim, permanent, FTC and contract is high so we encourage our hiring managers to be open minded in order that we can present choice of candidate.

With digital, ICT and technology transformation skills high in demand and low in supply, we are confident that our dedicated executive team approach and integration across public and private sector makes a difference to our offer.

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