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17 Jun 2019

#Localgovlife – Shining a light on people in the public sector

As a privileged resourcing partner to the public sector, our executive teams work to find excite and secure talented individuals into social care roles daily. Julie Towers, our Managing Director, gives the Penna view on the motivations behind a career in local government public service.

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13 Jun 2019

A Brave New World of Work – skills and employment in the 4th Industrial Revolution

We’re living through change, a time that some have called the 4th Industrial Revolution. As with any period of extreme disruption, the rules of work get re-written. We asked Andrew Moore, CEO and Digital Officer at Digital Nexus Associates, former Chief Digital Officer at Intel and speaker at the Penna HR Dinner on the 20th of June 2019, how we need to adapt in our increasingly digital world.

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06 Jun 2019

AI & D&I – the ethical impact of emerging technologies

The reality of AI’s impact on recruitment, working practices and, indeed, every day life is complex. The application of AI is only gathering pace. Conversations about ethical applications of artificial intelligence have to catch up.

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