Getting our HR/OD senior talent in the right space for the future


08 Mar 2018

Getting our HR/OD senior talent in the right space for the future

It’s a total success – our national ‘Peer into the Future’ programme will start its 6th year in September 2018 and we are already being asked about this cohorts entry requirements . 

It’s a module based programme which is run over nine months and really aids senior HR and OD professionals focus on the strategic imperatives for them across the public services.    It’s a brilliant outcome from our Platinum sponsorship partnership with PPMA & joint working with the LGA  and helps our cohorts rise above the operational weeds and ensure that HR is working alongside the business strategy and drivers.

Thanks to all the Chief Executives and leading HR Directors who have been generous with their time to present to the cohorts and we hope you can see the difference back in your organisations!

The opportunity to network, consider what the great speakers have to offer – really gives you time to think about the future for your organisation as well as the role and skills you need to influence and have an impact.

This year we have participants from a CCG, college and local government which really helps us look at the wider public service agenda.

As a public sector organisation you might look at the programme and cost and ask us about the ‘added value’ back in the workplace.

I’m pleased to say that this year’s cohort is already looking at the following:

  • Introducing a ‘failure fest’ so teams remove the blame culture and look at what they can learn for the next time –the message is ‘it’s safe to fail’.
  • Encourage the recruitment of apprentices so that we think longer term about our skills and talent.
  • Define and promote our employee value proposition – why would you want to come and work for us and what differentiates from others.
  • Start to write our narrative about why you should come and work for us.
  • Encourage others to ‘step back and outside of their current remit’.
  • I’m going to look at the language and pitch in our draft leadership framework before we launch it.

There is a real sense of ensuring that HR is not the blocker it is often seen as when we write job profiles for job evaluation and manage reward.

Our Peers sing praises about the programme –

 ‘ I really now understand the value of strong and visible leadership to help concrete the vision for the organisation’

‘Peer is an intellectual detox and re-boost! – its brain food to tackle brain fog – love it!’

‘Fabulous networking opportunities across the sectors’.

‘Its helped me step back and outside of my remit’.


Wow who says a programme can’t help to shift the behaviour and actions in the sector!

Yvonne Skingle

Director – Penna