Peer into the Future - Cohort 4, Session 7 - Newcastle 2018


26 Apr 2018

Peer into the Future HR/OD - Final module of cohort 4 - Newcastle 2018

Our last module of the Peer programme was in sunny Newcastle the day before #PPMAHR18 seminar. 

Unfortunately a few of the Peers couldn’t make their way to Newcastle and we missed you!. 

We had a great Chinese evening in Newcastle as part of the networking of the group – may it long continue!

We also had a great presentation from Martin Swales the Chief Executive of South Tyneside Council about the future of public services and what leadership and relationship management will mean for future leaders in the sector.  There were key messages about the sector ‘going where no one else has been before’ and about the focus being on the PLACE offering hope and aspirations to local communities.  We discussed the style of leadership and the need to show others your leadership journey so they can follow through the new roadway.

At the request of the Cohort, Iain Malcolm, the Leader at South Tyneside offered some very useful insights into the political and officer governance arrangements – very practical and useful advice and thoughts.

Penna MD Julie Towers also shared her video on ‘networking’ – a great insight into HOW you can improve and think about networking – a really practical little guide to build your confidence and approach. You can watch the video  here.

Then it was fizz, certificates and evaluating the programme to help next year’s cohort which commences in September 2018.

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