01 Jul 2017

Some of the questions we can help answer:

how do you resource a changing organisation and get the flexibility and permanence balance right?

what’s the right leadership for a traded arm when it starts, might not be the same in two years’ time?

what’s the right market salary to be competitive, what does the market look like for specific skills and experience?

what leadership values and behaviours do we need for the future and how do we ensure managers live up to them?

what talent and experience do we have now and how do we tap into the potential and/or deal with performance?

what’s the best way of developing leaders with resilience and energy that can operate in the new public service world?

how do we manage a range of senior political stakeholders in new joint venture arrangements?

what’s the most effective way of moving people and performance on?

how effective is our attraction and retention employer value proposition?

how effective is our resourcing strategy and activity?

The scope of our consultancy offer is very individual and always tailored to a client/organisation specific challenge.

Providing organisational HR/OD capacity to support change is something we do well – we are a trusted partner and advisor and can provide a flexible resource to add capacity or take on complete programmes, for example:

helping with senior HR/OD capacity quickly to manage the change or play a key role in a workstream;

putting in a new business change team of interim associates and consultants who will work well together to deliver effective outcomes;

helping with business intelligence on market trends and innovations;

providing associate support to audit current HR/OD capacity to provide an independent professional view.

If you have a challenge we can help with, please contact Yvonne Skingle.