How to take advantage of increased online job searches – in partnership with CV Library


06 May 2020

How to take advantage of increased online job searches – in partnership with CV Library

Polarity is characterising the job market at the moment. Where some employers have paused hiring processes, others have seen unprecedented interest. In partnership with CV Library, Penna’s attraction strategy specialist Lucy Costa-Smith looks at what employers should do to capitalise on the increased interest.

There’s been some clear trends emerging from lockdown job hunts, which we’ve been observing with our partners at the job board, CV Library.

We’ve been tracking spikes in interest from people using their job board to search for roles right now. What’s clear is some individual roles and industries are experiencing incredible candidate engagement.

For instance, ‘Healthcare’ and ‘Construction’ industries have seen a 159% and 153% increased interest respectively. Retail and FMCG, as industries, have also experiencing activity rises from prospective job hunters. ‘Warehouse Operative’ roles saw an +86% search term spike in April compared to March, and ‘Store Assistant’ searches shot up by 65%. It’s not just at the operational level where interest has surged, more strategic positions have seen bumper interest in those industries still working hard through the COVID-19 crisis.

It’s great news if you’re in these sectors or are hiring roles like these. Organically, a pool of candidates is creating itself. Job done, right?

Well, not quite. You’ve still got to capitalise on this curiosity and engage the individuals who made that initial expression of interest.

Here’s what you should be doing to capitalise on the traffic and traction of your roles right now.

Tip one: keep your careers site and job listings up-to-date

Relevancy is everything, keep your information as up-to-date as possible. Thinking about your digital footprint and presence is key right now.

Companies like ASDA have moved their careers site around to suit their current needs. With recruitment for delivery drivers and digital/technical staff able to mobilise their online presence featured on their homepage.

To maximise organic interest, ensure you’re filling your job descriptions, careers sites and adverts with key words you know are gaining traction. For instance, the term ‘project manager’ has had a 26% increase in interest, as has ‘business analyst’ with +32%. Our Sourcing team at Penna – specialists in filling roles in the 25k – 70k bracket – have noticed trends in line with this data too.

Move jobs which are most critical to your organisation to the top of your careers page. Or, on a job board like CV Library, consider putting some sponsorship behind critical roles to ensure they list highly for potential employees.

You can use applications like Google Trends to see spikes in searched terms. Or talk to Penna about optimising your online presence. Our digital team are specialists in this. 

Tip two: be upfront and honest

Candidates want honest information on how you are protecting employees during the Coronavirus crisis.

Royal Mail shared information on safe working practices during COVID-19, spending ‘£25 million on buying equipment such as hand sanitiser, gloves and other items designed to keep our people safe’ and implementing specific workplace social distancing measures.

Clearly communicate externally how you’re keeping your colleagues safe. This helps reassure candidates too.

Tip three: put in place rigorous measures to capture candidate pool information

Track that digital candidate journey. Wherever you’re placing your advert, make sure you use analytics to see how many clicks and engagements your adverts are getting. Ensure you implement tracking on your careers sites to see where candidates are applying from, and where they drop out of the funnel. Analysing this data and tracking will help improve your candidate journey.

Make sure you’ve got a great applicant tracking system also. This way you can keep track of individuals in your application pipeline. It’ll also help post lockdown, ensuring you have a pool of individuals you can easily contact for new roles. If you need help with this, Penna can point you towards ATS solutions. 

Tip four: use the right combination of media and advertising

You can use media partners like CV Library to promote vacancies. Our Programmatic job distribution (Job Reach) service is great for this, working across multiple media partners simultaneously to deliver campaigns on a performance basis. 

For a large-scale multiple role recruitment campaign, Job Reach delivered 71% of the target number of completed applications with only 29% of the total budget. 

By being able to measure which channels are generating applications, we’ll optimise your budget to maximise applications.

This is great if you have:

- An urgent need to hire, with a limited budget.

- A specific type of candidate you want to target

- A desire to advertise across multiple platforms, but a lack of capacity to do this yourself or to track where spend is performing most effectively

Speak to us if you’d like to explore Job Reach.  

Time to find out more?

If you’re not already making the best use of this increased interest, now is the time to do so. If you don’t have capacity to make things happen, speak to Penna’s experts.