Meet Raja Balachandran


29 Jan 2019

Meet Raja Balachandran



Joining the Penna family in August 2018, Raja brought with him over five years’ experience of advertising technology backed up by an MA in Advertising at the University of Hertfordshire. He’s now responsible for all the programmatic activities within Penna, including playing a vital role in training internal and external stakeholders on the ways in which the programmatic works ands’ how it can add value. 

“The world of programmatic display enables you to serve the right ads, to the right people, at the right time and, crucially, at the right stage of the user journey. Penna's dedicated programmatic team can help you to plan, execute and report on campaigns whilst delivering against client’s business objectives.”


"Growth in programmatic digital display ad spending is strong at £3.39 billion ($4.58 billion). This represents 79.0% of all UK digital display ad spending, and that share will reach 84.5% by 2019.” Source: emarketer


Through using programmatic, we can leverage state-of-the-art technology which brings a multitude of targeting options for our clients. With In-house expertise managing recruitment/student attraction campaigns; we understand who your audience are and how to reach them, in the right way of the user Journey.

Whilst operating across our portfolio and helping all Penna clients reach their target audiences, Raja’s currently working with the Education Practice on a major project that will bring the very latest technology to our university clients. It will enable them to target audiences with dynamic creatives, applying different tactics to send different messages to different audience sets.

Raja is well-qualified for the task. His career to date has included working in both supply and demand sides: he’s helped publishers and advertisers alike by creating new channels and methods to render digital ads seamlessly in multiple devices without interrupting the users’ journey. As well as Google Ad Exchange and the GroundTruth location data technology company and platform, Adobe, AOL, Teads and Share Through all feature in his resume. 

On a personal level, Raja’s a fitness fanatic; playing cricket in the summer, badminton during the winter and undertaking annual endurance challenges that have included cycling 100 kilometres and competing in a triathlon.


Raja Balachandran

Programmatic Manager