Navigating the Candidate Engagement Minefield


15 Mar 2019

Navigating the Candidate Engagement Minefield

Candidate engagement is a tricky business.  Having to walk the tight rope between keeping a candidate engaged in a lengthy process and outright pestering and annoying them.

I work on a campaign for the Metropolitan Police recruiting new officers and the process can be a long one, so finding way of keeping these candidates engaged is a challenge.

We initially began this with phone calls on a weekly basis to encourage candidates to complete applications, giving the candidates a chance to pose questions and alleviate any concerns.

We also have been calling to remind candidates that they are booked in for an assessment centre to increase candidate attendance.

But we like to go the extra mile to assure our clients good candidate diversity and choice, so we followed up with an online chat facility which allowed us to reach out to candidates in a live chat forum giving them the opportunity to ask questions and see answers to other candidates. This proved popular and we secured an uplift in completed applications and attendance at assessments because of this intervention.

We wanted to support applicants through to application and ensure they didn’t get distracted or not complete.  We designed and delivered a ‘Recruitment in a Day’ session bringing applicants into our offices to hear about the process and assessment centre, and hear from a PC about the role and the expectations around this; and, to hear from a member of the Met’s vetting team so that they could address any concerns that they might have around this.  We offered the opportunity to complete vetting forms on site and to book their slot at an assessment day. This comprehensive end to end experience really made the difference to securing high quality candidates.

Candidate engagement is challenging and complex, but if you are pro-active and think about how you can help the applicant to stay with your programme and try new and innovative ways to do so you will be more successful.




Andy Bullemor 

Campaign Coordinator